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Without a doubt, it is extremely important for any company these days and for every successful business to have a strong online presence and good advertising. Therefore the registration of your business in Google Places in order to be more easily identifiable is vital, given that 97% of the consumers seek information online about various companies close to them.

What is it?

The basic concept of Google Local Search is, when a user searches with a key phrase that contains a location, except the normal results they will see, a map will be displayed too, with different locations marked on it. So if someone searches for “hotels in Plovdiv”, the section “Local business results for hotels in Plovdiv” will display a list of registered sites that contain these words in their description as well as a map that shows the exact locations of these places.

The registration of your business in Google Places is another great way to be more easily identifiable for consumers who are trying to find information about you online. With this new feature of Google – Google Places – and your registration you will be able to provide more information about you, your business and where it can be found in the results of Google Local Search. Google uses different information from multiple sources to create an accurate list of the different types of businesses in a region. Each list contains information from various sources, customers and suppliers.

What benefits does it have?

You can publish business information about your company such as working times, contacts, photos and more.
You can increase the possibility of fruitful contacts with your customers by publishing details about you.
If your organization’s activities cover several different areas, you can mark what they are in Google Places and strengthen your online presence.
You can find out what kind of customers find your business and through what search terms.
You can add different photos of your office, your company or your team to your account to give a visual representation of your business to your potential customers.

Google provides you with the option of a dedicated QR code that you can put on your various promotional materials or business cards. Your customers will then only have to scan the code with their smartphones and they will be directed directly to the website of your company in Google Places. This is an additional way to be easily accessible.

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