Effective Off-Page SEO Strategies You Can Implement To Improve Your Site Rankings

Incorporating search engine optimisation (SEO) into site development is crucial if you want to ensure your site’s visibility on top search engines like Google. Apart from using relevant keywords in your pages, you also have to engage in SEO activities such as content creation, video and image publication, and link building. However, working on your on-page SEO strategies alone will not guarantee a first-page listing on Google’s search results. You also have to put some effort into off-page SEO strategies, some of which are listed below.

Increase from Effective Off-Page SEO Strategies

Get Your Site Listed in Top Directories

Web surfers have varying preferences with regards to the directory they use to look for product or service providers. Therefore, it is useful to have your site listed in the top directories such as Yahoo Directories and DMOZ. Apart from increasing the number of backlinks to your site, you are also improving your chances of connecting with prospective clients and your intended audience. Remember that your website description is important, so take the time to write and revise this before submitting your site. You also have to list your site under the correct category for a more targeted site listing.

Participate in Relevant Forums

The best way to reach your target market or audience is by utilising existing media such as forums. The great thing about participating in forums is that you get to share your knowledge about industry-related topics, help prospective clients with their questions, and ultimately prove that you are knowledgeable on a specific topic and are therefore capable of providing excellent products and services. You may also want to include links to your site in your forum signature, which interested parties can then follow to visit your site.

Be a Friendly Guest Blogger

Aside from forging good relationships with your existing and prospective clients, it is also important to have good rapport with people in your industry. Contributing to other sites as a guest blogger is advantageous because: 1) it will help you reach a larger audience; 2) regular visitors of the site where you posted your guest blog might decide to check out your site after reading your post; 3) it drives traffic to your site; 4) it helps you to illustrate just how much you know about your industry, and; 5) you get to build links to your site which are important when it comes to improving your site rankings in the search engines.

Comment on Relevant Blogs

You don’t always have to write lengthy blogs to aid your SEO campaign; sometimes, all it takes is a respectful and intelligent comment on another blogger’s site within the same niche as yours. Saying that the post is “great and entertaining” will not pique the interest of your fellow commenters. If you want them to become interested in your site, share something interesting which hasn’t been mentioned in the blog or comment thread yet. Don’t forget to include links in your comment; aside from increasing the backlinks to your site, you are also improving your chances of increasing traffic.

Be Active on Social Bookmarking Sites and Social Media

Social Bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious, provide an excellent opportunity to increase traffic to your site by means of backlinks incorporated in your contributed content. However, if you are planning on sharing content on these sites, do make sure your articles are keyword-rich, submitted under the correct categories and labelled with the right tags.

It is also important to be active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ if you want to reach your target audience. Remember that the more people are talking about your posts and site, the more likely you will be to find new clients and followers. Frequently share updates on as many social media outlets as possible and you will definitely see an increase in traffic and may even see your site rise through the SERPs.

To conclude, the most effective means of getting high rankings on Google is by continuing to increase your backlinks which should be strategically placed on other sites. There are other strategies you can try that will also help improve your site’s rankings. You just need patience and perseverance as the desired results may take some time to show, but the fruits of your labour will surely be worth the effort.

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Lukasz Zelezny is an SEO expert.  He highly recommends mixing up your link building in order to create a diverse link profile and improve your site’s rankings.

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