4 Simple Design Tweaks Every Blogger Must Do To Look Professional

Web Design Tweaks

It’s easy to get your website up and running within a few hours these days because of the resources you have available to you. Most blogs on the Internet are powered by WordPress and setting up a site on your hosting account can be as easy as clicking one button. That doesn’t mean to say your website will look beautiful because most usually don’t. I suppose it doesn’t really matter in the beginning, but eventually you will want people to appreciate the look of your site.

That is when they will view you as an authority in your niche. Nobody will think you know what you’re talking about if you can’t afford to make your website look pretty. They will also trust you more, so if you’re looking to make some money from your site you are in luck. We’re going to look at a few design tweaks you can make without spending money on a full re-design. You might have to spend more money in the future, but your site will definitely look more presentable now.

You need a proper logo


You don’t need to open up Photoshop if you don’t feel like you can design your own logo. If you look around online I’m sure you could find someone who could make you one for a decent price. You just need to tell them what you’d like and it will be yours a few days later. If you have a decent theme installed it should be easy to upload the logo into your header. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect because the only important thing is that you have one.

Increase the size of your text

Small text

You want everyone who visits your site to have an enjoyable time and an easy way to do that is by making sure everything is easy for them to read. The standard font size is usually 12 which is pretty small, so don’t think you can’t bump it up to 14, or even 16 if it looks good. You should also be able to do this inside the backend of your dashboard if you use a decent theme. If you have to mess with the code you might want to pay someone to do it for you.

Clean up your sidebar


Your design needs to look clean and you can start by getting rid of most things inside the sidebar. You don’t want anything in there unless it is essential. Too many people still have the widgets inside their sidebar that died out years ago. It’s a tell-tale sign that you don’t know what you’re doing. The most important thing to include is the opt-in form and we’re going to talk about that in more detail because it’s so important.

A great opt-in form

Form elements

I hope you’re collecting email addresses because it’s vital if you ever plan on making money. I’m going to assume you are, but I’m also going to assume you are using a standard form that looks horrible. You need to find someone who will design you a new one that looks great. If twice as many people sign up to your list you will make double the money. Unless you really want to know someone’s name you should also just ask for their email address.

This is the minimum


If you want to make your site even better looking there is nothing to stop you from changing more of the design. The things we’ve talked about today are just the basics that need to be carried out because you will see better results. You can wait until your site starts making money until you invest anymore into it.

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Today’s guest post is written by Neena Jones. She works as a web developer for a well known website design company in Toronto. She is a passionate blogger and her blogs usually contain tips and tricks for better website designs.

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