3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Voice-over Dubbing In Foreign Languages

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Voice-over Dubbing in Foreign Languages

Voice-over Dubbing in Foreign languages

One of the best ways of sending a message to people is by making a video. This is why it’s no surprise that video making has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. Great movies that captured the hearts of countless people have greatly influenced today’s culture. Businesses also understand the power of video marketing, hence the countless commercials you see online and on television. Others make video to voice out their opinions, or simply get the attention of people as an attempt to get famous. With the abundance of video hosting sites on the Internet, video has also become the most popular form of sharing information online. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a film, a marketing ad, or just making a personal statement. If you want to reach out to people using videos, you should consider voice over dubbing. Voice over dubbing has been used by a lot of popular video creators for years, giving them an edge over their non-translated competition. You might think that dubbing is something reserved for major films from Hollywood, but it’s actually important for small-time video makers.

Expand your potential target audience

The first reason why voice over dubbing is important for your videos is that it helps them available to a wider audience. With voice over translation, viewers from areas that don’t share your native language will still be able to understand the message of your videos. With more than 75% of the world not being English speakers, it’s easy to see how many viewers you can get by offering your video in English only.

Make your video content more accessible

Voice over dubbing is also important if your target audience include younger viewers. Adding translated subtitles to a video which targets children won’t get you that much viewers. Using subtitles forces younger viewers to read the lines while trying to keep up with what’s happening in your video. They won’t be able to appreciate what’s on the screen and most likely get bored, if not frustrated. Voice over dubbing eliminates that problem, and it also allows children to connect to the video in their native tongue. While many people can enjoy video with translated subtitles, there are also those who still prefer dubbing simply because the content is much easier to consume.

Communicate emotions better

If you look at popular advertisements, many of them use catchy slogans to attract customers. The same goes for making video advertisements, especially those that target foreign audiences. Slogans won’t be as interesting and as memorable to someone if it’s not communicated in his or her native language. Messages can be passed through foreign audio but not emotions. If you want to create that strong connect, you need to address your audience in their native language, with properly localized content. There are other alternatives for translating videos such as using subtitles, but there’s no denying that voice over translation is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to more people. While other options can help your video get more views, none of those options let your video connect to the audience better than dubbing.

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