Creative SEO Tip- Jacking The News Like A Content Marketing Pro

With content marketing quickly becoming the widest form of ongoing link building, traditional tactics are quickly going to become boring and overused. I want to fuel your content marketing toolset, and bring you a little creative tip that you can start using immediately.

Newsjacking is massively underused, and extremely rewarding. When used correctly, it can bring huge amounts of exposure, social signals and links for your site.

What is Newsjacking?


Newsjacking is very new to the SEO world, but is an obvious extension to content marketing. Whilst the term itself sounds negative, and a little black hat, it really isn’t. Newsjacking is a strategy where marketers capitalise on an increasing demand for a certain news topic, and use it to their advantage.

Breaking news can quickly become extremely popular, and smart marketers use it to their advantage by joining in with the overall discussion, by contributing a post of their own on the topic.

In practice, newsjacking works like this:

  • Pay close attention to breaking news topics that can be angled in a post to be relevant to your business’s niche.
  • Deep understanding of the key phrases that are being searched for surrounding the breaking news topic.
  • Produce a well-researched piece of content directly fulfilling the need for knowledge surrounding the topic.
  • Efficiently promoting the piece of content in order to be found predominantly when related phrases are searched for within the search engines.

It’s important to understand that you can’t simply hijack any news as it grows in popularity. Rather, it needs to be related to your niche, or intelligently angled in a way that makes it relevant. However, most businesses are not going to have a problem with finding breaking news related to their industry.

Newsjacking In Action


In order for you to fully understand newsjacking, I thought it would make sense to give you a couple of examples of it in action:

  • A high profile celebrity theft could be used by a home security business to highlight the importance of securing your property.
  • A house fire could be used by an insurance company to promote the idea of insuring your property.

Newsjacking is extremely similar to content marketing, and can even be considered a part of it. Similar to the fundamental aspects of content marketing, the content comes first and marketing second. Fulfill people’s desire for newsworthy content, and use that opportunity to promote your brand on the backend.

Timing is critical with newsjacking. A well-timed, expertly researched, excellently written piece of newsworthy content can acquire a massive amount of attention and grow your brand hugely by making you a content marketing pro at the same time.

If this was a bit too advanced for you, and you are interested in learning the basic concepts surrounding SEO and blogging, I host a range of SEO training courses that you may wish to get involved in. We won’t delve too deeply into newsjacking, but we will cover basic concepts that will allow you and your business to get the advantage needed to rise above the competition.

Claire Jarrett, a qualified teacher turned internet marketing mentor, offers a range of SEO and adwords training courses via

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