The Conversion Benefits Of Auto-complete Forms

If there is just one massive barrier to progress, it’s bureaucracy. People have a problem with filling out lengthy forms, and rightly so. You could have the best product, the lowest price and the longest warranty, but if they have to spend hours filling out your forms, there is a good chance they will think twice about it. This is where auto-complete comes in handy.

Form Data

When you collect information from the various users that visit your site, it creates a better marketing strategy. You can focus on a single demographic, or select a varied few to remarket to. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get users to interact with your site by signing up. This also allows for website owners to directly communicate with potential customers through email. The chance of this happening decreases greatly if there is no auto-complete function.

Form Filler’s Rage

An auto-complete feature means that a user will spend less time on the details needed to sign up. The fact that users only have to type a letter and are then presented with a list of suggestions means that they will feel less intimidated, and enraged, at the prospect of having to fill out forms. A user that spends less time thinking about a form and more time thinking about whatever it is you are marketing will have a better online experience.

HTML5 Auto-complete

Google has recently implemented a standard for auto-fill. In the days of yore, developers and browsers had a hard time communicating with one another for an auto-complete function. With Google’s auto-complete standard, this feature is added into #HTML5. When developers are using #HTML5, as most should be, the option of having auto-complete added is easy and seamless.

Search Engine Auto-complete

Ever the friend who finishes every sentence before you do, Google is not the only search engine that can make great use of the auto-complete function. Auto-complete functions in search engines on websites use a searcher’s previous entries to take a stab at what they are looking for. For more information on how to do this, just do a search on ‘how to create an auto-complete function.’

This auto-complete function looks snazzy, and allows users to save time. The more relaxed their experience and the easier time they have on your website, the better they will think of your product or service.

People would rather associate products they would like to buy with emotions they would like to feel. People don’t often like to buy stuffed animals and feel a great sense of rage just before they do. If you cause people rage, frustration or, god forbid, violence, they are not very likely to view your product or service with positivity. Auto-complete forms helps vanquish this possibility.

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