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This will be an in-depth professional review of Hoootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that people can use to enlarge their reputation and brand. It creates links with the following social media sites: Facebook, Google, Myspace, Foursquare, LinkedIn, WordPress, Mixi and Twitter, and has over six million users taking advantage of its expertise. It should be mentioned here that there is an opportunity to sign up for free, although there is another level of service that includes a monthly fee, and it might be worth paying for this. But one does not need to decide this in a hurry, as will soon become evident.


HootSuite - Statistics | Professional review

HootSuite – Statistics (Photo credit: Search Influence)

Social network has exploded in popularity since websites started to appear in the mid 1990’s. Facebook has over nine hundred million users. It isn’t surprising therefore that professional people are seeing social network as a major opportunity to reach potential customers. Hootsuite isn’t a tool that only professional people need – it might be something that a heavy social media user wants to streamline their interaction – but Hootsuite is something that turns the use of social media into an organised and professional activity.


The most commonly sung positive of Hootsuite is that it saves the user a huge amount of time. One can update each of their social network sites simultaneously and even arrange schedule posts to go out. Even if one chooses to pay for the higher level of service then they should be able to justify the fee by the amount of time saved. The fee is under ten United States dollars a month. One needs only to calculate the time they might save through Hootsuite and compare that with the service fee. If the service fee number is lower than the number that one earns in the amount of hours that are unnecessarily wasted then it is worth the fee.


Hootsuite Goes 3D | Professional review

Hootsuite Goes 3D (Photo credit: Bibi)

For those who require the social media websites as platforms for their business, Hootsuite is a tool that empowers the user with a degree of control that is difficult to discover without. One doesn’t need to refresh a Twitter page to check for a reply; with Hootsuite the updates are instant. On any tweet and retweet it reveals if it has been shared and viewed by other people. A Facebook post is clearly signposted with the number of people who have clicked ‘like’. If social media is an important part of one’s business plan – and it probably should be – then Hootsuite gives the user a measured command of the information.


The website of Hootsuite boasts users such as McDonalds, Sony music, Virgin and WWF, and also that it is used by over six million satisfied users. A free thirty-day trial is offered, and this proves the confidence of Hootsuite. They can afford to allow their product to be tasted for free because they are positive that the user will feel the advantage and then realise that they must pay for the service after the trial period. Confidence is an attractive quality for a business to have. It shows that they know their product or their service is beneficial. Now all that’s left is for the people who aren’t in the six million current users of Hootsuite to sign up for a free trial and realise how effective the service is.

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