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There is nothing wrong with outsourcing your infographics needs, by hiring a professional to craft one that is attractive, memorable and gets your message out. You may, however, want to give it a shot yourself, to at least appreciate what goes into making these highly customizable, useful and sharable visual tools. Of course, your infographic is nothing if people do not want to read it, therefore keep in mind that when you develop one that you will want to have your viewers in mind.

Your Message

Every infographic must have a central message that you want to convey. This does not preclude you from including other useful information, but it does require that you understand what the main point is that you want to get across.   For instance, if you want to share your company’s sales data for the year just ended, you will want to bring together relevant information. This can include your year over year sales changes, your sales breakdown by category and how your sales compares to your competition.

Thorough Research

You wouldn’t post information willy-nilly to your website without confirming that the information is correct first, right? With an infographic, you can cite what others have said to support your data and use that information to back up your data.   Use only trusted sources for citing information that is correct, well sourced and relevant. Clearly, you can find anything online. Just as clearly you can spend some extra time gathering your information from reliable sources and citing with care. You’ll include your sources in footnotes at the bottom of your visual aid.   Keep It Simple   Infographics should be eye catching, simple to read and easily digestible. Anything complicated and you’ll quickly drive your readers away.

Present your information so that it can be quickly scanned. Divide it up into boxes or smaller charts, making use of pies, charts, colorful headers and arrows to help your readers move from section to section. Figure out a way to take complex information and make it simple for all to quickly grasp.

Your Story

When developing an infographic, you should apply the same formula for writing an article to this visual tool. This means that you have a specific story in mind with a beginning, the story’s body and an ending or a conclusion. The idea here is to tie each point together to make your point and to keep your readers focused and interested in what you are attempting to say.

Consider that the minute details you might share in your article are not a great fit for your infographic. Certainly, you can tell your readers that your sales were up by $104 million for the year, but you’ll want to abbreviate that information and perhaps include visual tools such as a money bag or oversized dollars signs to draw attention to your point.

Absolutely Timely

Infographics are relevant and interesting because the information that they provide is highly useful and relevant right now. This may mean that your infographic will only have a short lifespan before the information it contains is outdated or superseded by the latest data. Conversely, you can just as easily create an evergreen infographic that stands the test of time. That means that your information is as relevant as it is today as it will be in five to 10 years.

If you’re not sure what approach to take with the timeliness of your infographic, consider that a mixture of current and evergreen visual aids may be appropriate for your site. Moreover, if you are looking to share your material with others through social media, you can enjoy a viral burst from information that is timely. Use a combination of approaches to distinguish your infographics from your competitors.

Infographic Notes

Making infographics on your own can certainly be daunting. If you decide that you prefer professional assistance, look for a visual aids provider that has a track record of producing superior work. You may find that the cost of outsourcing is far more effective for you, an integral part of your advertising budget that can get viral results each time.

Christian Boughner is a business marketing consultant who specializes in infographics campaigns. His articles mainly appear on marketing  websites. Learn more about marketing with infographics

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