Creative Tips On Creating A Charity Website

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A website is now an essential element to any organisation and is the perfect platform in which to explain what you do and why. Although charities usually have limited funds, a charity website should not be forgotten, especially when these days, it is relatively easy to design and publish one yourself without the help of a professional design company. By following a few simple tips you will be well on your way to an effective website which encourages people to not only donate to your charity but spread awareness and gets the charity job done online.

Free Web Design Sites- What Is On Offer

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With the variety of web design sites in the market, there are now several sites which offer free web design and all you need to do is pay for the hosting which is usually very reasonable. If you do want a website which has been designed professionally it would be best to go for a responsive design as these types of designs offer better value. However, many sites charge for responsive designs but you can find some wordpress free responsive themes out in the market so do keep your eye open and check out sites like woothemes and the free ranges they have. For an idea on free design options, a good way and getting this for free is to speak with people at colleges or universities as many students will design you a website for a reduced cost, whilst they learn. Some of the most basic designed sites can do really well on the web so think before you act and seek options.

Have a Mission Statement In The “About Us” Page

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All charities need a mission statement to quickly explain to potential donators and supporters what they do and why they do it. The statement should take up a section on the home page of the website and be bright and clear to anyone who visits. Remember, the first thing a visitor views on your website will remain in their minds so you want to make a positive impact and set out a clear selling point of your services to be remembered. Encourage people to understand why you do what you do, if you want them to give money to your cause you need to gain their interest.

Explain Where the Money Will Go

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When people give money to charity, they expect to know exactly how their money will be spent. This needs to be clear on your website and preferably in a main category section, so it cannot be missed. Explain through a number of posts with detailed content why the charity needs help from sponsors, where the money goes after it is paid and achievements made from donations. If there are several steps or a chain involved then mention in a shareable resource all the stages from giving a donation to the end result.

Include Graphical Images


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The web is all about creativity, images will draw a reader in and putting names to faces always helps on a team page. It can turn a charity goal from just a collection of words to a real story and will personalise your website. Images help potential donators put the charity into context and identify with the project. From an aesthetic point of view, they also make the website look more attractive and break up text.

Make It Easy For People to Donate Through Visible Widgets


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The last thing you need is for people to be keen to donate after seeing the website but be unable to work out how to actually give any money. There are several ways to do this via the website but the most effective is to place a ‘Donate’ button below the explanation of your charity or in a widget on the sidebar. There are several widgets on self-building websites which allow this with options to do it via credit/debit card or PayPal and means you can encourage people to donate before they leave the website and forget about it. In addition, having a credibility button that you are trustworthy will always have a positive impact.

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Author: Thank you to Jennifer Beswick and the Cancer Research UK team for their contribution to this article. If you are interested in Charity Jobs feel free to contact Cancer Research today.

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