Blog It And They Will Come, Or Will They?

Make a blog and talk about something relevant and it’s only a matter of time before your audience grows, right? Wrong. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a teenage girl speaking about her latest celebrity crush or a political commentator raving about the major issues of the day, simply making a blog doesn’t entitle you to readers. There are thousands of unread blogs which their owners abandon each day. If you want to avoid becoming one of these frustrated bloggers, you have to put some effort into marketing and SEO.

One-Hit Wonders

 It’s not completely impossible to just write a blog and develop an audience with little to no effort. Some success stories have hit the news, in the past. For example, the primary school girl Martha Pane created her blog called NeverSeconds, where she spoke about her school dinners. It quickly gained an audience of three million readers, but it’s highly unlikely she concentrated on SEO. It’s an example of a unique topic taking on a life of its own.

Unless you happen to stumble upon the next big thing, though, you need to take action to guarantee a steady stream of Internet traffic.

What Will Happen

 Most prominent bloggers didn’t start writing and people just started reading. They had to work for months to get people to keep coming back. It required them to develop an online personality which spoke to a large audience. They worked and worked until they maintained a stream of steady traffic. These days, they can afford to post more sparingly as they know their subscriber base is large enough to allow them to take breaks and hiatuses without losing their readership.

To build your blogging empire, you need to work. Consistency is the key in building a successful blog.

SEO Knowledge

 Knowledge of SEO is perhaps the most important thing you need. Most of your early readers won’t discover you through other websites, they will stumble upon it through Google. If your blog isn’t in the Google search engine results, the only readers you’ll have are your mother and your best friend.

Whilst a comprehensive education on SEO is always recommended, here are a few areas you should have covered, at the very least:

  • Keywords.
  • Proper tags for any images.
  • Unique content.


 SEO only takes you so far. After you’ve enabled people to find you via your search results, you must take a more active role. Exchanging links with other blogs and networking with websites is an essential part of telling people your blog exists.

Ideally, you need to target bigger websites and blogs. Whether you have to make friends with them, or just offer something which can grab their attentions, do it and you’ll bring in the readers who frequent these websites.


 Ultimately, it’s just a matter of consistency. Plant yourself on websites, other blogs, and as far up the search engine rankings as possible. From here, you need to maintain consistency and keep giving readers a reason to subscribe. Do this over the course of months and years and you’re well on your way to becoming the owner of a highly successful blog.



Lisa Melia is an avid blogger, but also a firm believer in creating a happy work/life balance by outsourcing many blogging tasks such as guest posting. She is the co-founder of Blog Munchies; a Premium Blog Management and Content Writing service.

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