15 WP Themes to make your website look fresh in 2013

As 2013 is rolling on, there are many new WordPress themes that have come out in the market offering webmasters the opportunity to enhance the look and the features of their websites. Keeping in mind that searching for a good theme can sometimes turn into a painful and boring experience we’ve gathered 15 of the best WP themes that can offer a fresh solution for the website of every business.

Here are our 15 suggestions to help you freshen up and improve your website:

1. Momentum

Momentum - WP Themes

A wonderful WP theme that presents users with fresh style and many features such as the RokNewsPager and RokTabs plugins. Additionally there is the Gantry Framework and perfect mobile support.


2. Fusion

Fusion - WP Themes

Flashy and cool looking, this theme is a great choice for any design or tech related company. With its responsive design and many features, Fusion gives you the opportunity to present your visitors with a cutting edge website. With the help of the theme options, the short codes and the page templates you can customize the site the way you want it be.


3. Camber

Camber - WP Themes

This theme allows you to easily style an elegant looking website. There are 78 widget positions and 29 widget variations. With full browser compatibility and 15 present styles, you can ensure great experience for the visitors.


4. Big Bang

Big Bang - WP Themes

A great choice for websites presenting visual content. The Big Bang is a combination of fully responsive design and many features. There are 6 blog post formats, 6 portfolio post formats, shortcodes, photo streams, contact and home page layouts.


5. Expose

Expose - WP Themes


This is the perfect theme for those looking to build a photographic website and display their work in a stunning way. The custom background and header, featured images and 6 layout options – all can help you impress your visitors.


6. Xmarket

Xmarket - WP Themes

If you are looking for an eCommerce WP theme, then Xmarket could turn to be the one. Easy and clear, with a flexible layout, the theme suits almost every online store. The WooCommerce plugin gives you the option to create a professional frontend and also a full-featured backend. There are many features and a great homepage slider that supports audio and video – perfect for advertising new products.


7. Modernize

Modernize - WP Themes

One of the cutting edge themes – with many awesome designs and a drag-drop Page Builder. The admin panel is full of features that allow you to modify almost every aspect of the theme. There are 15 predefined background patterns and the option to upload new and translate them to every language. You will be able to use 350 available fonts, to create a unique design with the drag-drop slider manager and many more.


8. The Education Theme

Education - WP Themes

The theme is perfect for educational institutions and communities. The pack contains the Genesis Framework (search optimized, great control of the framework, unlimited support and updates), 6 layout options, custom background and menus, 6 color styles and many other features.


9. Diametric

Diametric - WP Themes

Diametric is a cutting edge theme that has Gantry Framework core which allows the theme to support a great variety of features. There are 12 present styles and lots of custom tools (Fusion MegaMenu & SplitMenu are also available). You can enjoy the great array of RokPlugins with specific styling for the theme (such as the RokSprocket that gives you maximum structural and visual flexibility).


10. Luscious

Luscious - WP Themes

The catchy design of this WP theme can bring more attention to your content with the attractive layouts it offers. The warm palettes of Luscious are inviting the customers and readers in style. The theme uses the Genesis Framework and can present you with a variety of features.


11. Fresco

Fresco - WP Themes

Fresco is one of the newest WP themes this year and it can offer rich visual design and unique style variations. The pack comes with the option to choose from 10 present styles – each with custom theme, such as Sport and Food. Additionally you are provided with Gantry Framework and Fusion MegaMenu & SplitMenu.


12. The Lifestyle Theme

The Lifestyle - WP Themes

This great theme presents you with the opportunity to publish your content online stylishly with the magazine-style frame. The clean design and smart layouts will be really helpful to express yourself with videos, pictures, articles and represent your point of view in the best way. The Genesis Framework is included, along with 10 color styles, 6 layouts and many customizable features.


13. Voxel

Voxel - WP Themes

Released in the end of 2012, Voxel has a magazine type orientated design. With the new RokSprocket Mosaic layout you can create engaging and cool looking websites and show your content in a stunning manner. It is the perfect choice for the magazine websites. The theme uses the powerful Core Gantry Framework and comes with 12 styles at present.


14. Replay

Replay - WP Themes

This is the perfect theme for anything connected to music. It can be used by bands, record labels and all kinds of musicians. With the easy customization and power tools that can help you share and sell music, promote and manage events, Replay could be the best choice for you. The audio player (you can promote featured music files) is just one of the many useful features.


15. Visage Theme

Visage - WP Themes

One of the best themes for travel and photo websites. Core Gantry Framework along with the several RoketTheme plugins that can help you create a stunning website with refined visuals. There are 12 exquisite styles present, Fusion with MegaMenu & Triple level Start Menu and 28 structural and stylistic variations.

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