Introducing A New Google+ Page Manager Dashboard

Google have launched a new Google+ page manager dashboard, allowing a better overview of some basic information about the Google+ pages you manage and is hopefully an indication of further updates to come.
This will make page management much more convenient for those who look after multiple pages as you can now see the pages follower count, time since the last post, a notification button as well as a quick way to get to settings and administrator options.

The new Google+ page manager dashboard
As with all new features Google bring to Google+, it is riddled with bugs (at least in my experience), with the bottom menu occasionally disappearing and error messages being shown after trying to switch to a page.

While it feels like Google+ is a little bit neglected, there have still been some significant additions in recent history and there is definitely going to be more coming on the horizon. Communities were introduced in December that opened up forum and group discussion capabilities that allows a more focused discussion that reaches Google+ users in a way simply posting on your page cannot, but it must be used in a far less self-centred way as it isn’t about self-promotion.

What I really hope this update means is that Google are working on improving the interface in other areas, namely Google Places. When Google Places changed to Google+ Local, Google seemed to forget to also update the Google Places dashboard where you can update and manage your listing. Not only is this highly confusing it is also more than mildly irritating.
But there are many other ways in which Google+ is lacking for businesses:

  • No way to schedule posts like you can in Facebook. While you shouldn’t be pre-scheduling everything you do on social media, it is still a remarkably useful feature that would encourage more businesses to use Google+.
  • Better analytics. Google+ needs something similar to Facebook Insights that doesn’t require going into Google Analytics first. Businesses always need a way of measuring how effective their efforts are and unfortunately many still don’t believe time spent on Google+ is time well spent.
  • Integration of author stats into Google+ itself. It makes much more sense to me that author stats would be accessible from the Google+ interface, not from Webmaster Tools. I think the stats in Webmaster Tools should stay as they are, but some new way of seeing information regarding the content you’re an author of. I wonder whether something new will come when AuthorRank begins to become more important?

What updates would you like to see coming to Google+ in the future?

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