The Horrifying Dangers of Bad SEO and How to Avoid Them

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There are two sides to search engine optimisation. When it is performed properly by a good SEO company it can be incredibly valuable in directing more traffic to your website and increasing your sales. It can improve your reach and bring you more success.

However, when SEO is performed improperly by an SEO company which uses incorrect or banned “black hat” techniques it can be incredibly dangerous for your business. These dangerous SEO techniques include keyword stuffing, content spinning, buying links and other such shady practices. Bad SEO can bring you down in the rankings and can even get your website kicked out of Google’s ranking system completely! This type of a blow can be enough to destroy a small business and cause you to lose a lot of money.

Why Is Bad SEO so Dangerous?

Not only do bad SEO techniques hinder your businesses ability to improve its rankings, but they can actually actively harm your reputation. These cheats and shortcuts don’t work and over time they will seriously damage your business.

In fact, no SEO at all is better than some of the “quick and cheap” SEO company scammers. Here are some of the reasons why:

Poor SEO Techniques Usually Mean a Terrible Customer Experience

One of the major black hat SEO techniques used is keyword stuffing, where in an attempt to rank higher on Google you stuff your search keywords into an article as many times as possible.

This technique is not even really that effective, but it is actually turning customers away from your website. Think about it, would you really want to read a website which repeated the same phrase over and over again awkwardly in its content to the point that it was barely readable? Keyword stuffing is incredibly annoying to customers and they will simply click away from your website and find another company which has better and well-written content.

Google Has Begun to Punish Offenders

Google is quickly catching up to websites which have previously relied on keyword stuffing, paid links, duplicate content and other dubious techniques. Every time Google releases a new update, it gets better and better at figuring out who is simply trying to get away with easy cheap tricks.

There have been many businesses which have trusted an SEO company to get them up to the front page with the wrong techniques, then watched themselves plunge back into obscurity because the Google algorithm changed. Even major companies, such as JC Penney in the USA, have been affected. Google gave JC Penney a 90 day penalty because of its suspicious paid links, which brought in huge revenue losses for the company.

Reputation is everything

When your company is punished online by Google, this not only decreases your rankings but also does a lot of damage to your public reputation. You will be seen by your customers as cheating, dishonest and deceitful, even if it was the SEO company that you hired who performed most of the black hat tactics. This blow to your reputation will cost you a lot of money in lost sales as well as public relations and damage control.

Tips for Avoiding Bad SEO

  • Only work with an SEO company which is dedicated to improving the rankings of your website in a real, sustainable and accepted way rather than promising you quick results from dirty tactics.
  • A good guideline to follow is whether you would feel comfortable explaining your SEO techniques to a website which competes with you. If you don’t, then you are likely doing something you will regret.
  • Avoid participating in “link schemes” which promise to increase your website’s ranking or PageRank.

Above all, focus on creating an original, well written and helpful website which offers a quality experience for the visitor, rather than trying to use tips and tricks to get ahead. In the long run, this type of good SEO will always be the more advantageous.

Black hat techniques from a bad SEO company are not only ineffective; they can actually be very dangerous for your business!

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