Social Media: How Linkedin is good for business marketing

Using LinkedIn for business can be a healthy and effective marketing approach. But the question is: How many online entrepreneurs use it for marketing purpose? LinkedIn is definitely becoming more autonomous with company pages. Although LinkedIn doesn’t have that dynamic and vibrant appearance like that of facebook or twitter, but it is surely a very effective social media tool. Taking help of LinkedIn for business sites definitely help in the long run.

Presently, there are around 152 influencers available on LinkedIn. Users can follow these leaders like President Barack Obama, Guy Kawasaki, Governor Mitt Romney, Arianna Huffington, and Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn CEO). These notable and famous individuals share several articles on LinkedIn that are more than just updates. These can be useful resources in building a fine base for the online marketing campaign.

There is another advantage of becoming an influencer on social networking sites like LinkedIn. It allows the user to write blog styled articles for sharing purpose. Presently, LinkedIn is quite choosy about picking the ones who can act as influencer. Actually, to be honest, this is LinkedIn’s own way to develop a more content-rich platform. And for fresher business developers, this can be the best opportunity to receive some quality information and reference from these high-profile influencers.

LinkedIn users also have the facility to list down their skills in the profile page. Users can find the link under “More” tab in the “Main Menu” bar. Users can add the necessary skills they feature. Remember, endorsements always allow other people to recommend the users for those additional skills. Also, recommendation also must include proper image of the person providing endorsement. This approach is extremely crucial business marketing. Through this approach, new hidden skills can be brought to the limelight. It is the best approach to measures a person’s own skills rather than taking opinion from other people.

Presently, LinkedIn is also focused in creating its presence felt through mobile apps. After all, majority of people these days from different parts of the world are mobile phone users. They prefer to browse internet through the mobile device than those browser based platforms. So, developing LinkedIn’s own mobile app can be beneficial in the long run.

LinkedIn’s latest Notification Tab has tremendous benefits. This is one new feature that highlights notifications on whoever has visited the user’s profile page. It also shows any discussion that the user has carried out in the past or any sort of activity carried out within the group. This new feature helps in developing relationships within the network while making valuable new connections within the LinkedIn network. In fact, according to some of the big business tycoons, “LinkedIn’s Notification Tab is simply a priceless inclusion for online marketing and e-business purpose.”

LinkedIn Signal is another effective tab for marketing purpose. It can also be found under the “News” tab. There are very few monitoring tools that can be picked up on the LinkedIn’s feed. So, the LinkedIn Signal is one very beneficial tool found within the platform. With the help of LinkedIn Signal, the user can easily search his/her name, product, services, Twitter handle, and also different clients. This tool can also be helpful in finding out what other people are saying about some particular highlighted topics.

Rich Gorman’s bio: He is an online marketer and serial entrepreneur with years of success in online money making.

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