Know Your Competitors’ SEO as Well as Your Own

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Beat your competitors at their own game


One of the smartest ways to hone your SEO so its meets search engine criteria is to look at what your competitors are doing and then do it better. Researching what your competitors like to share and get shared can give a valuable insight into the kind of materials you should be working on.


What are their customer profiles?


Not only is it important to know what content is shared by them, but also the user profile of those who take your competitors’ content and share it across the internet.  When you have this information you are well armed for making improvements to your own SEO activities.


Use social networking to get inside information


Concentrate on social networking such as twitter and Facebook to see what the opposition are doing and how they are doing it.  Look at the ways they interact with and engage their fans and followers, and who is posting on their behalf.  What topics and discussions spring up on their forums and what subjects are they blogging about?  Monitoring their online communications is pretty much a full time job.


Create beautiful content


Creating content which is more valuable and more useful than anything the competition does is another way of rising above them in the search engine rankings.  If you already write content, consider how it could do more for you and where you are posting it.


Copy and paste to create links


Analyze how people are sharing your content on the internet and if there are sources where it ends up more often than not.  A copy and paste exercise is a great way to stimulate sharing activity, and it is worth remembering that copying and pasting creates links which you really need for your site.  Where referrals occur get the URLs and network relentlessly so that everyone knows who you are and where you are.


Learn from competitors’ errors


The chances are that SEO aware competitors are monitoring your activities online, in the same way that you are keeping an eye on theirs. They will be watching your mistakes, but that is not to say you cannot learn from theirs; and they will make them.


Competitors may have been penalized by algorithms set up by search engines and in particular Google, which has seen a meteoric rise in internet influence in recent times. You need to know where, when and why this has happened, so you can avoid having it done to you.


There are packages which can help you track the activities of certain websites and feedback when content changes; these tools are invaluable when your time is precious enough as it is.  Learning the ins and outs of your competitors’ SEO policy will give you an edge when you need it most. What are their objectives and how do they work to achieve them? Who has an interest or relationship with the company or companies and what is the basis of this relationship? Know your competitors’ SEO  as well as you know your own.

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