5 Top Tips for Making the Most of Social Media

Love it or hate it, you just can’t escape it, social media is all around us and it is here to stay. And whether you like it or not, it is increasingly important for businesses to stay up to speed with the latest developments in this ever-changing space to ensure they don’t get left. But it is also important to bear in mind that if you’re going to do it at all, then you need to do it properly.

A badly-planned social media strategy or ill-thought out comments can land you in hot water or end up doing more harm for your business than good. But if used well, social media can be a fantastic avenue for driving interest in your brand and driving up sales. Here are five tips to bear in mind to help you make social media work for your business.

Social Media Networks

It needs to be social

Social media is just that – social. This means it is important to make connections, engage actively and respond wherever possible. It is not enough to simply set up a fan page and hope that your customers will come and find you, you need to make it engaging, unique and interesting, while also taking care not to ignore those trying to interact with you.

Be everywhere – but only if you’ve got the resources

There are different schools of thought when it comes to how many social networks you should use. For some internet marketers, ‘be everywhere’ is a key phrase and setting up profiles on everything possible is a great way to ensure a wider presence. But if your resources and time are limited then it is best to just concentrate on one or two networks which you know best and think will do the most to enhance your brand.

Choose the right channel

Don’t just get sucked into the latest buzz medium just because you think you should, choose the social networks that are appropriate to you. LinkedIn for example is great for networking with potential business contacts, but not so beneficial for building a customer-facing brand, Pinterest may be fantastic for showcasing designs for a funky t-shirt company but is unlikely to benefit a financial services broker, for example. Think about why you are using social networking and what each one can do for you, don’t just sign up to them because you think you should.

Social media is just part of the puzzle

Avoid the temptation to deal with social media in isolation from your other marketing efforts. Traditional media still has its place and can be used in unison with social marketing, for example providing QR codes on print adverts or using an advert to point Facebook users towards your page to qualify for a special offer. Being creative about how to combine all your channels is key to making them work well together.

Remember the end goal

Building up hundreds of followers on Facebook is all well and good but you’ve got to remember what the end goal is – often to help drive more customers to your business. This means making sure your social audience is relevant and engaged and also thinking about ways of funnelling this audience towards action, whether that’s enquiring about your services or buying your product.

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  • Wade says:

    Social media is a finicky platform because you are dealing with real people. No Google bot to make your post go to the first page. You have to be social on these sites if you want people to come to your blog. Good post.

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