Why MyBlogguest is Powerful for Linkbuilding? [Infographic]

In our every day link building efforts, we at SEO Pal constantly use myblogguest. Although, many claim that there a lot better ways to get guest blogging opportunities (we totally agree with this too), myblogguest remains the easiest one to use.

Currently, we are using 2 accounts there and for around an year, but we heard about it in 2010, we have made more than 1000 guest posts in various niches, including SEO. Most of the websites we got actually got us lots of social shares and we even managed to get featured in Search Engine Journal (this is for SEO). For all the other niches, at first the choice of blogs seems quite limited, but if you take your time and submit your content directly to a good blog, you have raelly good chances of getting it approved.

Over the past year, we have seen how Myblogguest evolved for the better and managed to provide even better guest blogging opportunities for its members. This is all thanks to the wonderful team working behind it.

MyBlogGuest growth

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