One of the most popular viral content techniques, SEO specialists use today are the infographics. Those types of content tend to drive highest visitor engagement and also attract thousands of links from various websites. However, for many webmasters, find it quite difficult to discover websites, where to distribute infographics. If you had the same difficulties, this is the right guide for you. Here are some pretty quick ways to get hundreds of links to your content and get it seen by thousands of visitors (this is why the guide is separated into 2 parts – Promotion and Distribution).

Making your web work | Where to Distribute Infographics


In order to make people link to your infographic from their private websites or blogs, you have to show your piece of content to everyone, who might be interested in publishing it. Here are the best ways to get quick traffic to your infographic:

  • Image representing StumbleUpon as depicted in ...StumbleUpon – This is one of the best websites for promoting visual content. However, in order to get your infographic picked up by website owners, you should use Paid Discovery. Based on your subscription plan, you can get thousands of people to see your infographic for around 50$-70$ per day. If your budget is lower, dont worry, you can still use it, you will just get less traffic (the cheapest visitors you can get cost 0.05$ each).
  • Image representing Reddit as depicted in Crunc...Reddit – One of the best places where you can get your infographic promoted is Reddit. This social media offers PPC advertisement, which will allow you to promote your content in all relevant subReddits for at least 20$ per day. Please note that in order to deposit funds in your reddit PPC account, you must be either from the US, UK or Canada (I really dont understand why).
  • Pinterest – Altgough, this is one of the youngest social networks today, Pinterest allows you to easily promote visually appealing content and get hundreds of people to share it in their Boards. If you dont have an account yet, dont worry, once you make one, Pinterest will connect with all those people, who might be interest in your shares. Actually it takes around a month to develop around 300 followers for your Pinboards.
  • Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Twitter – If you already have twitter account, you can use it to promote your infographic. The only thing you need to do is to carefully analyze all of your followers and message only those that are likely to share your content. If you dont have such followers, you can use SponsoredTweets (minimum budget there is 500$) to get some really popular people tweet your content.
  • Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Facebook – Being the largest social network in the World, Facebook is a great place for infographic promotion too. If you already have lots of fans there, you just need to show them your content. However, if you are just getting started, I would suggest using the Facebook Ads targeted to people sharing the same interests as you. This will generate lots of traffic to your website and also increases the chances of yoru content being picked up by relevant websites.

Infographic Distribution

You already got thousands of people to see your infographic, but this does not guarantee you that you will get thousands of links. You created the infographic for that purpose right? Here are some websites where you can get quick and quality links to your website, ensuring optimal distribution for your infographic.

  • Infographic Directories – There are hundreds of websites, where you can sibmit your infographic and get link credit for this. However, not all websites are maintained properly, this is why we made the following list with the most popular directories to distribute infographics that work!
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