How Link Building with Contests Works?

With Google changing almost every day, more and more webmasters realize the immediate need of changing their current SEO techniques for good. It seems that there are only few that still utilize old link building techniques such as blog and forum commenting. Instead, more and more turn to finding new contacts in the blog-sphere and exchange guest posts with one another. It seems that this will be one of the dominating SEO techniques from the future, so the sooner you make lots of blog contacts, the better.

It is not quite hard to gather the mails of lots of webmasters and contact them for guest post exchange, but still the success rate of this technique is not quite high and if you are lucky, you will be able to get 50% closed deals. If you want to work smarter, you can create a guest blogging contest and get other people do the work for you, guest posting contests are good way to go.You basically have 2 options:

Option 1:Create Content on Your Blog

If your website gets more than 20000 visitors per month you can host a blog contest on your website. If you get less traffic, but also have good distribution channels (facebook, twitter, other communities), this is good option for you too.

Guest blogging contests

The only thing you need is a page where you define the basic rules of the contest and the timeline it will cover. If you get less traffic, choose longer timeline such 2 months or so. To make this work for you, make sure your guidelines encourage users to share your content all over their blogs and with all of their social media followers. This will help you drive quality traffic to your website.

Like with every contest you must offer some kind of a prize. Cash prizes work best and can get you promoted in many websites. But if you are on a limited budget consider using Blogengage. For as high as 30$/m you will get the ability to offer blog engage gold accounts to everyone who wins your contest and also they will promote it to their audience. Another promotion channel worth using is Myblogguest. However, keep in mind that in order to get traffic to your tread you will have to participate in others.

If your budget is higher, consider running sponsored placements in relevant communities or exchange banners with relevant blogs (you can get this for avg 50$ per month). This will give your contest huge exposure and you will earn tons of new content for your website.

Consider creating a press release and buying some distribution package at popular service like PRweb and (for 90$ you will be able get 12 000 people to see it and also get links from 60 websites).

Note: Last 2 techniques only apply if you have higher budget for this particular contest.

Option 2: Sponsor Contest

I know this sounds as paying for links, but really a lot of do it and all contestants usually are manually approved. Every day you can find at least 5 new contest being started.  However, in order to ensure that your website will not get some low quality backlinks, read the guidelines carefully. If you have any suspicions, just find another one.

You can also keep an eye on the forums at, because there are a lot of announcements too. Even, if the contest holder is not mentioning anything about sponsorship, if you contact him and offer your help, I am pretty sure he wont refuse it.

Blogengage also holds contests and for around 50$ you can get text link with any anchor-text you want. We sponsored such contest and we used SEO and SEM services as anchortext since our websites was pretty new at that time and also we weren’t in top 100 for anything.Everyhing about Blogengage contest sponsors here.

From the Blogengage contest we got links from SEO posts with this anchor-text and out of nowhere we are now 23rd in

Google search results screenshot

I am really looking forward for your comments on how this have worked for you and what do you think about this link building technique, so please don’t forget to share.

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