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Today, more and more SEO specialists realize the need of making more contacts with owners of relevant blogs. In addition to that there are many communities that make this job a lot easier and you can easily get lots of quality links directly to your website.   Enough talking, lets start with the community list.

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One of the best and easiest to use guest blogging communities is There are 2 subscription plans for that website (you can use it for free if you need content for your websites) – 20$ and 70$. The only thing you have to do is to create or order very good content. I say very good, because every new post submitted goes through very detailed editorial review. Once you pass the editorial review, you will start to get offers from blog owners, who want to post your content.

Blogger Linkup

Blogger Link Up

If you want to add more variety to your guest blogging contacts, you can use Blogger Link Up.  This service, works on the same way as and you must have reasonable good content to get it approved there. However, it feels like there are not a lot of websites that are different from those at, so I stopped using it after 2 weeks or so.

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HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

If you want to get good coverage of a product launch, promotion or just to strenghten your brand, you definitely should start using HARO. This is a free service, where you can pitch journalists and bloggers from soem of the most popular magazines in the world. If you do a good job with the initial pitch, you will get the attention of the reporter and he will start working with you.  It is very important to prove you are there to help, not only to make links from some high PR website. Otherwise, you are not likely to have any success with it.

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One of the best social networks to outreach for links is Twitter. Almost everyone in the US uses it and also millions of others from all over the world does too. You can use the twitter hashtags (#) to see who are the most active members in a given niche. Once you find them, you can easily engage with them and at some point propose guest post exchange. In addition to that you can also find lots of people, who are interested in the content you are trying to promote.

Google Plus

Google Plus

Although not a lot of people use Google Plus for social networking, it is a great place to find blog owners and engage with them. However, keep in mind that the people need more time reply than at the other social networks, so dont send them tens of emails begging for guest post. This reduces your success rate dramatically.

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Each one of the popular blogs in every niche, has its Facebook Fan Page. The only thing you need here is the URL of the page and a Facebook account. If you want to aim at the top websites in your niche, prepare to spend lots of time in Facebook interacting with web owners.

Aren’t There Any Tools I can use?

Yes, off course there are! There are hundreds of tools you can use to make your outreach process a lot more efficient and help you improve your SEO strategy blueprint. Here are the best tools you can use for that:

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One of the most efficient tools I have ever seen for managing link building outreach is BuzzStream. With it, you can quickly analyze the backlink profiles of both you and a couple of your competitors, so you can easily see which links you are missing. In addition to that the tool searches for all contact data present on the website and gives you Twitter, Facebook and e-mail of the web owner. You can also use the tool to search for suitable link prospects in the social networks too.



Another great tool for managing blogger outreach is GroupHigh. With it, you can easily identify the top bloggers in your niche and establish contact with them.  In addition to that, it also allows you to see all important metrics you need for the blog such as Page Rank, MozRank, Domain and Page Authority. This ensures you will get only the best blogs matching your requirements.



If you would like to learn more about the person you are trying to engage with, a good tool to use is Rapportive. This is a very cool gmail plugin and it will allow you to find the facebook, twitter and pretty much the whole bio of the person you are trying to contact, just by using his mail. How cool is that?



If you plan to use Twitter for outreach, but dont know from where to start, Followerwonk is the way to go. This tool will allow you to search milions of twitter users based on their bio and you can easily find relevant contacts. In addition to that, the tool also analyzes the behavior of the person, before following him. That way, you will make sure the user is not concentrated only on his web properties. This guarantees maximum exposure and benefits for your content.

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