How Google Changed over the Years?

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In the early months of 1998, a great innovation came out to change the way we browse through Internet – the launch of the Google Search Engine. Not many were expecting that the application will achieve the great success we see today by Google and all its features. As time passed, there were lots of updates and many changes made, all considering the better browsing and ranking results. Google’s Toolbar PageRank (TBPR) was the unique app that gave start to the argumentations considering Search Engine Optimization. Although there are more than 500 updates over the years passed, still it is quite hard if not impossible to decode the complex algorithm that Google is using. You can see full and more raedable version of the infographic if you click here.

Google Algorithm Changes


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If you would like to have more indepth look at the different Google algorithm changes, click here and take a look at all sources we used for this infographic.  This was made possible by one of Denmark’s leading search marketing agencies – Outrider. 

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